The scholarships below are available and ready for students to apply.  
All scholarships are categorized by due dates.

NOTE: On any application that is a Google DOC, you must make a copy before you can make changes to the document.

Click the October Counselor's Corner link below for more information on FAFSA
October Counselor's Corner

Champ Clark Memorial Auxiliary VFW Post 5553 
  March 29, 2022
One scholarships will be awarded to a son, daughter, or grandchild of a veteran of Bowling Green Post 5553 or Post 5553 VFW Auxiliary member.  $500 for each award. Scholarship will be awarded second semester of student's first year.  Due in the Counseling Center.

Champ Clark Memorial VFW Post 5553   March 29, 2022 
One scholarships will be awarded to a son, daughter, or grandchild of a veteran of Bowling Green Post 5553 or Post 5553 VFW Auxiliary member.  $500 for each award. Scholarship will be awarded second semester of student's first year. Due in the Counseling Center.

NEW Misc. on line scholarships added 04/07/21  
 There are various scholarships available on this list.  Just check it out to see if find ones that is a fit for you.

NEW Scholarship search location.  This link is for Scholarships for Students pursuing Certifications and Associate Degrees .  is a free scholarship search and application website.

Construction Trades Scholarship for students pursuing an Associates Degree, Pre-Apprenticeship, Apprenticeship or Certification.  Graybar Construction Trades Scholarship $1,000.00 a year and is renewable.

Culinary/Food Service/Hospitality Scholarship for students pursuing and Associates Degree, Bachelor's Degree or Certificate.    OPPA!  Kenneth L Short Memorial Scholarship $1,000.00  a year and is renewable.    (This is our schools lunch providers)  OPPA applications link is also available in the Counseling Center

Be sure to check for scholarship due dates on the above 2 scholarships

Scholarships pending new applications

Missouri Past National President's Scholarship  April 15, 2019  (no updated scholarship for 20-21)

High school senior who are a daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, great granddaughter, great grandson of a current and or deceased member of the Department of Missouri Auxiliary / VFW.

Robert James Wells Golf Scholarship May 31, 2019  no updated scholarship for 2021

Senior on Bowling Green golf team who will be continuing their education

Scholarship must be mailed to Brenda Chamberlain - address on application.

United States JCI Senate Foundation Post marked by January 24, 2020

Must be a graduating senior who plans to continue education at accredited college, university or vocational school
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Legacy Award ELKS Scholarship Opens September 1, 2019 due January 31, 2020

Merit based scholarship for any child or grandchild (or step-child, step-grandchild or legal ward) of a living Elk who joined the Order on or before April 1, 2013. $1000 for 4 years (250 given) 

Conservation Foundation of Missouri Scholarship January 31, 2020 CFMO offers 5 - $1000  scholarships to high school seniors or undergraduates in different natural resources areas.  

Preference will be given to those demonstrating financial need. Stegner Application Form . Applications must be submitted by January 31st.

Westlake Scholarship Program Application due: February 1, 2019 (reopens in Dec 19)

Eligibility Requirements: Missouri resident. Graduating high school seniors from a public or privat in Missouri planning to enroll in a four-year college or university, OR Students completing one or  two full years at a Missouri community college and transferring to a four year college or university at the sophomore or junior level. Maintaining a 2.5 GPA or higher on a 4.0 Scale. Family adjusted gross income of $60,000 or less.

For additional  information and a link to the application visit: 

VFW Auxiliary Continuing Education Scholarship February 15, 2020

One scholarship will be awarded each year to a selected candidate in each of the four VFW Auxiliary Conferences. Applicant must be 18 years of age or older. A qualifying member (the spouse, son and daughter of a member) must have been a member of the VFW Auxiliary for one year by the application submission deadline. The $1,000 scholarship shall be used in the academic year following completion of the contest. 

Farm Kids for College Information February 24, 2020

Must be a high school senior pursuing a major at an accredited college/university in an agricultural field. Scholarship amount: $1,000.

FCS Financial Scholarship March 1, 2020

Must be a child of grandchild of an FCS Financial member, must meet one of these three requirements: attain a 2.5 or higher GPA, and ACT score of 26 OR rank in the top 20 percent of their senior class.

John Wood Community College Foundation Scholarship March 1, 2020

Scholarship values range from one class to full-tuition. Awards are for the 2020-21 academic year.

4-H Foundation Scholarships March 1, 2020

Numerous local and state scholarships available.

Charles E. Kruse Agriculture Scholarship March 12, 2020

Applicants must be Missouri residents, parent(s) or guardians must hold a current Farm Bureau  membership in Missouri, a high school senior enrolling in a 4-year Missouri college or university with a declared major in an agricultural field. Applications must be mailed in to the address at the bottom of the application.

Bucky Ward Scholarship /Republicans of Pike County Scholarship  March 15, 2020

Must be a senior in a Pike County high school. 750-1000 word essay plus two letters of recommendation, and possible interview with county committee. $500 

SAE Engineering Scholarship March 15, 2020

Several scholarships for high school seniors pursuing an engineering major. Requirements vary. 

Midwest Dairy Scholarship March 15, 2020

Applicants who qualify include any producer who funds Midwest Dairy Association, the producer’s  spouse, the producer’s children or grandchildren. The producer must have an active dairy operation as of January 1st of the year the scholarship will be awarded

Agriculture and Vocational Agriculture Scholarship March 15, 2020

Farm Bureau provides a number of scholarship opportunities for students pursuing careers within  the scope of agriculture. On their website there is a listing of scholarships and links to more information.

The Missouri Association for College Admission Counseling (MOACAC) March 16, 2020

Applicants must be a Missouri resident, must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater, must enroll as a full-time student to a MOACAC member post-secondary institution. Complete the application  on Scholarship Central.

MARE - Rural Missouri High School Senior Scholarship Fund March 27, 2020 (Due in Counseling Center)

Must be a senior who is going into the field of education at a Missouri college or university and  would be willing to teach in a rural Missouri school district. Students must write a brief essay.

Missouri Insurance Education Foundation March 31, 2020 

Graduating senior at a Missouri school interested in or intending to pursue an insurance, risk management or actuarial science course of study in a Missouri college or university. (4) $1,500 Must be filled out on line, NO handwritten or incomplete applications will be accepted. 

Must  be mailed to address on Scholarship and post marked by March 31, 2020

NorthEast Missouri County Medical Society March 31, 2020

Scholarship is for a Senior student who is going to be pursuing a career in medicine (Medical 

Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine). Any student, who plans on attending college with plans to go on to medical school to be a physician, is eligible.

East Central Administrators' Association   April 15, 2020

This Scholarship so for non-traditional continuing education. (example: those attending a vocational type school or training center)  This is an on line application.  Fill the information in, print it off and bring to the Counseling Office by due date.s This scholarship requires a 500 word essay, 2 letters of recommendation- 1 from a teacher and 1 from a non school employee!!

We the Students Essay Contest April 15, 2020

The contest is open to all US citizens or legal residents who are students who are no older than 19 and no younger than 14 as of the end of the Contest Period who (1) attend school in the US, (2)  who are in grades 8-12 attending public, private, religious, or charter schools or (3) are enrolled in a GED or correspondence school program, or (4) are attending a home school program. Each  submission must adhere to the word limits for each question (between 500-800 words).

Pike County Nurses' Education Board April 30, 2020  

Pursue a degree in the healthcare field as RN, LPN, NP, EMS, or Dr., obligated to return to a Pike County  nursing facility (hospital, nursing home, or any medical establishment) to work for at least one year at a 
current salary rate, or you will be expected to repay the entire amount

Balance Man Scholarship May 1, 2020

Sigma Phi Epsion Fraternity is offering the the Balanced Man Scholarship to outstanding young men entering  Missouri S&T (Missouri University of Science & Technology) You do not have to join Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity to be eligible for this scholarship.  For more information and application you can find it on line at:

ACT Scholarship:  Our College and Career Readiness Champions initiative has come to a close and a larger scholarship opportunity is now available to students.  More information on this opportunity can be found at

American Legion - Charles L. Bacon April 20, 2020   

Must be a member of The American Legion Family, i.e., Legion Member, Auxiliary Member, S.A.L. Member, or a descendant* of any member thereof. (2) $500 

American Legion - Erman W. Taylor April 20, 2020 

Must be the descendant of a veteran and send copy of discharge papers with application. Consideration for scholarship will be determined annually for high school graduates in NEED of financial aid. Must be planning a major in education (2) $500 

American Legion - Joseph J. Frank April 20, 2020 

Applicant attended a full session of Missouri Boys / Girls State. Must be the descendant of a veteran and send copy of discharge papers with application. Consideration for scholarship will be determined annually for high school graduates in NEED of financial aid. (5) $500 

American Legion - Lillie Lois Ford April 20, 2020  

Applicant attended a full session of Missouri Boys / Girls State or the Cadet Patrol Academy. Must be the descendant of a veteran and send copy of discharge papers with application. Consideration for scholarship will be determined annually for high school graduates in NEED of financial aid. (2) $1,000 one boy, one girl 

American Legion - M.D. Jack Murphy April 20, 2020  

Must be the descendant of a veteran and send copy of discharge papers with application. Consideration for scholarship will be determined annually for high school graduates in NEED of financial aid. Must be planning a career as a registered nurse. Top 40% of class. (1) $750 

Abbot & Fenner Scholarship June 12, 2020

Available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any accredited post secondary institution

Alpha Gama Sigma Scholarship postmarked by July 20, 2020

Awarded to a senior male who plans to attend the University of Missouri, Columbia in the Fall of 2018 and pursue a major in  the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources or in any other college major. (2) $500   There is an online link for the scholarship. If you do hard copy the Counseling Center needs to have it BEFORE school is out.

Hannibal LaGrange University Regional High School Scholarship 

Minimum 2.75 GPA and ACT score of 18. $10,000 awarded for residential students and commuter students will receive $6,500. Scholarship is renewable for four years with a 2.5 GPA. Apply on-line a

Hagan Scholarship Foundation Scholarship November 15, 2020 (Scholarship open Sept.1, 2020 and closes Nov. 15, 2020

This is a need-based scholarship.

The Purpose of the Hagan Scholarship is to provide each scholarship recipient with the opportunity to obtain a four year college education and graduate debt free. The preferred recipient will be a high achieving student with meaningful work or volunteer experience. GPA of 3.75 or higher, ACT  of 24 or higher; or 1,150 or higher on the SAT. Must complete FAFSA for prior year. EFC must be less than $6,500.

Scholarship award of up to $6,500 per semester and is renewable. Must be postmarked by November 15. After clicking on the above red link, click on the blue link that says "Hagen Scholarship Application.On line application


Hagan Scholarship Foundation  Application Deadline is 5:00 PM CST  October 26, 2020. On line applications available September 1, 2020 at

Horatio Alger Scholarship 2021 Deadline: October 26 2020 at 12:00PM EDT (noon)

Be enrolled full time as a high school Senior in the US. Be progressing normally toward graduation in sprint/summer 2021 with plans to enter a college in the US no later than the fall following graduation. See attachment for more requirements for scholarship. 

On Line application :   USE THIS ADDRESS--- 

Voice of Democracy October 28th, 2020 (Due in Counseling Center)

The Voice of Democracy Program is open to students in grades 9-12 who are enrolled in a public, private or parochial high school or home study program in the United States. Turn in to the Counseling Center to be forwarded to our local VFW Post 

Coca-Cola Scholars October 31, 2020

We are glad you are exploring the Coca-Cola Scholars Program for college funding. Each year we award 50 scholarships of $20,000 and 200 scholarships of $10,000. Please read these instructions  carefully when completing the application. 

On Line application

John T. Belcher Scholarship November 3, 2020 (our schools deadline) 


Local board of education will select a high school senior applicant based on academic achievement and leadership skills. .

Elks Most Valuable Student Competition November 15, 2020

High school senior who is a citizen of the United State is eligible to apply. Applicants need NOT be related to a member of the Elks. Five hundred $50,000 awards are available.

On line application

Real World Design Challenge Scholarships November 30, 2020

Currently enrolled in grade nine, ten, eleven  or twelve. Students enrolled in school environments with alternative grade or level designation must be engaged in a program of study equivalent to the corresponding high school grade level. Seven $50,000 awards are available.  


NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY   Scholarship Application opens up Oct. 1st. Deadline for ON LINE Application closes at 5:00 p.m.(ET)  Tuesday December 1, 2020

Must be a member of National Honor Society to apply. Check requirements on attached information

Pike Co. Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers College Scholarship (Due in Counseling Center by December 9, 2020)

This is a Scholarship for 2nd year college students and up!! Please keep in mind that the student applying for this scholarship does NOT necessarily have to be going for an Ag major, however they do need to have an involvement in agriculture

Pike Co. Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers (Due in Counseling Center Dec.9, 2020)

Applicants need to be a Pike County, Missouri high school senior involved in agriculture who plans to continue his or her involvement and is available to do a 15 minute personal interview. Please keep in mind that the student applying for this scholarship does not necessarily have to be going for an Ag major, however, they do need to have an involvement in agriculture. Application must be typed if possible and are due to Bowling Green Farm Bureau office or emailed to Multiple $2,000 awards. All contact will be through email. Please make sure you check your spam or junk for an email from

Leroy Vogel Family Endowed Business  January 1, 2021  Online application only. Application  address:

Graduate of BGHS pursuing a degree in business from MU'S Trulaske College of Business.

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program January 5, 2021  On line application 

Student must demonstrate at school, at the workplace, and within the community the attributes of leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship. Students must also demonstrate strong academic performance (at least a 3.0), be citizens of the United States of America, be current high school  seniors attending high school in the United States, and plan to enroll in a full-time undergraduate  course of study toward a bachelor's degree at an accredited four-year college or university in the 

United States for the entire upcoming academic  year.

MFA Scholarship  Application period is December 1, 2020 to February 15, 2021


See the attachment for application qualifications and information. Also you will find the website information on there. 

Dr. Darrell "Jack" Holley/MUSIC scholarship   February 16, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

Scholarship  MUST BE TYPED. NO handwritten application will be accepted. For class rank/number of students and ACT score, contact the Counseling office so you can type it in. 

For online fillable application go to the link below.

 Go to "view scholarship" (bottom of page) - "Read More" - Holley- MUSIC Scholarship Editable (Bottom of page in yellow letters)

Kenneth Gregg Agriculture Scholarship  Student mails to address on form. Have application to Counseling Center by Feb. 12th so we can fill out the Counselors part and you can mail on time. 

Ralls County student with a preference for those entering the field of agriculture. $1,000 renewable 

for a total of four years.   Needs 2 letters of reference, one from a teacher and one from a non-school source. 

Etta Mae Anderson Scholarship  

Student mails to address on form. Have application to Counseling Center by Feb. 12th so we can fill out the Counselors part and you can mail on time. 

Ralls County student with preference for those entering the field of education and demonstrate a financial need. $5,000 ($2,500 per semester) 

MAMIC Scholarship  PIKE COUNTY February 23, 2021 THIS PIKE COUNTY SCHOLARSHIP WILL REMAIN A PAPER APPLICATION AT THIS TIME.(Due in Counseling Center)  Application requires a transcript and picture to be sent with application.

Must be a Missouri resident, planning to attend a Missouri college, university, community college, or vocational school, and be accepted by said post-secondary education facility

You can fill out 2 Scholarship applications (1) for Pike County Mutual & (1) for Ralls County.

Peoples Bank & Trust Co. Scholarship Feb 26th, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

Based on ACT, honors/awards, leadership, and financial need, and minimum GPA of 2.75. $2,000

 -Renewable up to 8 semesters at $1,000 per semester. You will need an OFFICIAL Transcript, parent financial analysis report, Essay.  When completed you may take it to HNB here in BG or we can take it for you.  Be sure you have ALL the information requested.

MAMIC Scholarship RALLS COUNTY March 1, 2021.  

Must be a Missouri resident, planning to attend a Missouri college, university, community college, 
or vocational school, and be accepted by said post-secondary education facility.  Students must click on the Graduating High School Senior Application.

You can fill out 2 Scholarship applications (1) for Pike County Mutual & (1) for Ralls County.

Project 21  Missouri Gaming Association Scholarship Due to Jefferson City by March 1, 2021

(address is on the application)  Student mails 

This scholarship includes writing  an article or creating a poster or video addressing the issue of  underage gambling.  Project 21 Scholarship will awarded for 2021 as follows: One $2,500.00 for  first place, and Three $1,500.00 for Second Prizes.

Missouri Bankers Foundation Scholarship   March 1, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)  

Student mails and must be Postmarked by Friday, March 5, 2021

Must be a high school Senior and planning to enroll in a full-time course of study leading to a major in a in a field related to banking.  

Please read all the Qualifications and Instructions. Application must have your Official Transcript, with ACT score, two letters of recommendation and resume of extracurricular.

Must also be signed by an office of a Missouri Bankers Association Member Bank. We have used  Community Bank last year.

CLEO Bankhead Scholarship March 3, 2021  (Due in Counseling Center)

Must have a 3.5 GPA, will be based on student activities. $300

John Wood Community College Foundation Spring Agriculture Scholarship Application ON LINE APPLICATION Due MARCH 4th.   You will need a copy of your transcript and 2 reference letters  

Give the Counseling Center a few days before the deadline to get you a transcript copy.

The Masonic Scholarship Fund of Missouri, Inc.  APPLICATION DEADLINE MARCH 15, 2021.  Attached is the application and criteria eligibility.  Be sure to give the Counseling Center 3 days to complete our section and get a transcript.   You may also include ONE letter of recommendation. Be sure to check all the items that need to be sent with the scholarship.

Ceara Flowers Perkins Memorial Scholarship  March 23, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

This scholarship is for a Senior going into the medical field.  Preference will be given to someone  going into nursing.  Application has specific requirements.  Be sure to read last page of application.  ( HAND WRITTEN application,  3 Letters of Recommendations, Essay and transcript)

Pike County Mutual Insurance March 26, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)
Must attend a high school in Pike County and plan to attend an accredited 2 or 4 year college with 3.0 GPA, extracurricular activities and awards. $500. 

Bowling Green Lions Club Scholarship March 26, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)  
Based on Financial need, high school activities, community activities, honors or recognition, and must write a statement about yourself

Pike County Sheriff's Office Scholarship March 26, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)  

Senior who wishes to pursue a career in criminal justice & must have completed first semester with a 2.0 or better GPA. Selection based upon scholastic achievement, school activities,  community involvement, and work ethic. $500

Sara Straube Anders Memorial Elementary Education Scholarship March 26, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

Any Senior majoring in Early Childhood or Elementary (K-6) education. Also applications are available for student teachers. $500 up to $1000

Pike County Retired School Personnel March 26, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)  

Pike County Retired School Personnel group endorses and encourages the profession of Teaching and will award a scholarship in the amount of $250 to someone pursuing a career in education.

Scherder Bros. Ag Scholarship March 26, 2021  (Due in Counseling Office) 

Must be a Pike County resident, graduating from a Pike County School with at least a 3.0 GPA and must be entering his/her freshman year as a full-time student at a two or four-year accredited college, technical school or university.  Must be pursuing a degree related to Agriculture

(Agricultural Business, Crop Science, Animal Management, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural  Education, etc.) and cannot be a first or second-generation offspring of the Charitable Fund Board or Selection committee members. $1000

The scholarship application, 2 sealed reference forms, and sealed official high school transcript an wallet size picture.

MUST mailed and received to Scherder Brothers Agriculture Scholarship by MARCH 26, 2021

Louisiana Elks Lodge #791 Scholarship  March 29, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center) 

This scholarship takes place of the George Trimble, George Keith and Bob Battern Memorial Scholarships. You must be a graduating Senior attending a 4 or 2 year college/university, technical school and vocational school.

Bowling Green Rotary Club Scholarship March 29, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

Based on extra curricular activities and community activities

Pike County Farm Bureau March 29, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

Parent must have a current membership with Farm Bureau; activities; honors/awards; other financial aid and scholarship; work experience; statement; personal experiences. 

BGHS Alumni Scholarship  March 29, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

Must have attended BGHS for 2 years, must have post-secondary plans for four year college or university, two year business college, vocational school, nursing school, etc. (Several $1,000 scholarships based on availability of funds)

Heir Study Scholarship March 29, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

A graduating Bowling Green High School Senior who will be enrolling as a full-time student at college or technical school.  Based on Leadership, School and Community Activities, Honors and Academics.   $300 Scholarship. Payable upon proof of 2nd semester enrollment as a full-time college student.

American Legion Auxiliary 370 March 29,2021 (Due in Counseling Center) 

Senior girl. $500  (Requires a copy of your college acceptance letter)

D.A.R.E. Role Model Scholarship March 29, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center) 

Student must be a current D.A.R.E. role model. $500

Pike County Fair Association Scholarship March 29, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center) 

Senior student that has attended their current graduating school as a junior and a senior. Must be enrolled full-time in a post-secondary institution. Applications must be completed and turned in to  the Counseling Center before the deadline on the application.

Kaleo Dade Scholarship   March 29, 2021 ( Due in Counseling Center)

This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating Bowling Green High School Senior involved in sports who will be pursuing a post-secondary education. See scholarship for Program Guidelines  and Priorities

Ralls County Mutual Insurance Scholarship March 29, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

High School Senior in the Ralls County Mutual Insurance district, attending an accredited school  in Missouri. (2) $500

Pike County Fairboard Vocational Scholarship March 31, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)
Applicant must be a Pike County Missouri resident, enrolled as a full-time student, enrolled for the fall  semester of the year in which the scholarship is awarded, and must be pursuing an associate of applied science degree or certification in a trade/vocational related area including but not limited to: Heavy 

Equipment Operations, Electronics, Welding, Diesel and Farm Machinery Repair, or LPN/CNA. 

Kenneth L. Short Memorial Scholarship April 1, 2021 (ON LINE APPLICATION) Give Counseling 

Center 3 day notice for any information needed from our office

Eligible students must enroll in an accredited college or university and demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in the food service/hospitality industry. Selection criteria include academic achievement; work experiences; and participation in student, school, and community activities. 

P Michael McKay and Margaret McKay  April 1, 2021  (For a copy of your transcript by March 29th 

from Counseling Center) 

Students from Ralls, Pike and Marion County pursuing a degree in education or a seminary degree in the ministry. Up to $5,000 renewable.

Applications and TRANSCRIPT must be returned (by mail or dropped off) to HNB National Bank Trust Department by April 1, 2020   Mailing address is on scholarship.

Bobcat Boosters Leslie J. Calvert Scholarship April 7, 2021  (Due in Counseling Center)

For one boy and one girl; must have participated at least 3 years as a member of an athletic team; also based on GPA. $250 each 

Edwin M. Porter Scholarship April 9 , 2021 (DUE IN COUNSELING CENTER)  Funds are available this year from the Edwin M. Porter Scholarship Fund. Senior graduating in May, 2020 from the Bowling Green High School and College Students currently enrolled and who graduated from Bowling Green High School are eligible. Applicants must be enrolling in or already enrolled in a Four-Year College for the fall of 2020. 

Applications may be picked up at the Office of the Superintendent of Schools. Applications must be returned by April 9th, 2021

Scholarship needs to be notorized.  Tina in Central Office can do this for you!

William Mallory Scholarship April 9, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

Must be pursuing a degree in an agricultural field. Must be a member in good standing with the Bowling Green FFA Chapter. Based on honors, awards, and offices, activities, work experiences, statement of goals, scholarship and citizenship, and financial need.  $250

Paschal-Lawson Scholarship April 12, 2021  (Due in Counseling Center)

Bowling Green High School graduate who is attending Culver-Stockton College with good academic record; who show promise in their chosen field; who have been active in their school; and who showneed for the scholarship. $400

Bramblett Memorial Scholarship  April 12, 2021  (Due in Counseling Center)

Applications must be area residents who are graduating in May or June from Bowling Green High School or have graduated in the past from Bowling Green High School.

Kathy Tinsley Education Scholarship April 12, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

Current BGHS or former Graduate, majoring in Early Childhood or Elementary Education. Complete application. HIGH SCHOOL Students please turn into the Counseling Office.  FORMER GRADUATES  OF BGHS mail to Jean (Tinsley) Ledford address on application.

Ean T. West Memorial Scholarship April 13, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

Must be a senior with strong moral character who participated at least two years on the BGHS cross county team and planning to attend a trade school or a two/four year college. Criteria for selection will include community service and activities. $500

Requirements include an essay and three non-family letters of recommendation (one must be from a teacher).  

The Talbot Memorial Scholarship April 13, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

Bowling Green High School Senior with admission to degree-granting program, 3.0 GPA, ACT score of 18 or higher, and two letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes.

CTA Future Teacher Scholarship  April 15, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)
Must be senior graduating or a graduate of BGHS, must be entering a college with a declared major in education. $300

Home Care & Hospice Foundation Nursing Scholarship April 16, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

Recipient is encouraged to work as a nurse in Pike County for at least one year after graduation (if possible) but is no longer a requirement. $2,000

EMO Conference Scholarship April  19, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)  Requires a RESUME!!!

Must be a senior who has participated in EMO conference events and been recognized at least twice by the conference. Each conference principal will select one boy and one girl to represent their school in final selection process. This includes EMO Band & Choir. 95% attendance, GPA of 2.5 and above.

Cuivre River Electric Scholarship    April 16, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center) April 21, 2021 Deadline 


Please see page 1  of application for Award Restriction. Application is also online or you can print off a copy.

This scholarship requires extra information, recommendation letters, SAR report, and OFFICIAL transcript and etc... Be sure all are included!!!

Raintree Arts Council,  McIlroy Art Supply and Miller Art/Drama Scholarship. April 21, 2021 

 (STUDENT MAILS)    You will need to give the Counseling Center 3 days to put in your GPA, Grade

 Point and Class Rank)    They are giving 3 different Scholarships so read closely. 

Please pay close attention to the added items you will need to send. Portfolios of art work, production of band/choir/ theater

This application will qualify you for three scholarships provided by the Raintree Art Council.

1. Jamie McIlroy Memorial Art Supply Scholarship - to an area student from Pike or Lincoln County to cover art supplies in the first year of college for a student who plans to major or minor in art. ($500)
3. For Arts Sake   ($100)
2.  Robert Miller Scholarship - Pike County Students interested in majoring or minoring in art, drama, music, literary (amount to be determined)

FBLA Scholarship  April 27, 2021 Application to be turned into Mrs. Luebrecht by April 27, 2021

This is a $250 award. Must have been an FBLA member for at least two years, 3.0 GPA, must have taken at least three business courses, attended District Conference at least two years, worked and participated in FBLA events/Projects, and must be furthering education. 

Champ Clark/ Schewe Scholarship  April 27, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

BGHS Class of 21 Senior. Accepted into college for Fall 21. Planning to major in Law, Political Science or Education. Scholarship, Activity Participation and Good Citizenship are a factor for consideration but no set requirements. 

Jr. Ellis Memorial Scholarship  April 28, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)
Must have participated in sports, which includes cheer-leading, at BGHS.  Application includes a 200 word essay and requires letters of recommendation.  $300

Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce Scholarship  April 30, 2021  DO NOT SUBMIT APPLICATION TO COUNSELOR!!  Instructions for mailing are on the application. 

Must be a graduating senior with a grade point average of 4.0 or LESS. Planning to attend any vocational school, vocational nursing school, a 2-year business college, or a 4-year college.  $500

Tud Rowe Agricultural Memorial Scholarship  April 30, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center) 

 Must be a BGHS senior who is pursuing a degree/career in the agricultural field. Scholarship applications will be scored based upon academic performance, extracurricular activities and involvement in 4-H & FFA, farming/agricultural background, community service involvement, work, honors/awards/recongition and an essay.

Must include hand-written application, 2 letters of recommendation, 1000 word or less TYPED and unofficial transcript. 

Richard Baker Memorial Scholarship, Sponsored by Poage Ford, BG.  May 7, 2021 (Due in Counseling Center)

Must be a graduating Senior from Bowling Green High School. 

Open to any one with post secondary education.( Includes trade school)