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Bowling Green High School – Class of 2019 Information and Instructions for Graduation Program and Activities

posted Apr 16, 2019, 7:36 AM by Jordan Watts

Graduation from high school is an event which comes only once in a lifetime.  Your parents, relatives, friends, and most importantly YOU deserve a graduation ceremony that will be dignified and memorable.  Your cooperation is essential.  The following guidelines explain what is expected of you and your parents.  The administrator in charge will have the final decision in denying a graduate’s participation due to inappropriate attire or behavior.  Don’t embarrass yourself, your family, and your school.

Any behavior which draws attention to you as an individual or detracts from the dignity of the ceremony itself will result in your exclusion from the ceremony.  Anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance will be prohibited from participating in the Graduation ceremony.

Seniors receiving diplomas are required to be present at practice for the graduation ceremony.  Please inform your parents and employers immediately!  Practice for graduation is necessary in order to present a uniform appearance and to prevent a mix-up in seating and the distribution of diplomas.  Any student who does not attend Graduation practice on Wednesday, May 15 @ 10:30 a.m. and Friday May 17 @ 12:45 p.m. will not be eligible to participate in the Graduation ceremony.  Severe illness is the only acceptable excuse.  In case of severe illness, the parent should notify the principal at least an hour in advance of the practice or ceremony.

Special notices will be distributed to you individually or will be published in the daily announcements giving you more specific details regarding the practice and ceremony.  Read each one carefully!  If you are at a Supervised Occupational Experience (SOE) or at Pike-Lincoln Technical Center, check frequently with the Guidance Center and High School Office to see if additional information has been distributed.  FORMS FOR SCHOLARSHIPS, AWARDS AND NEWSPAPER AD WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU DURING SENIOR COMP., ELA CLASS OR CAT TIME OVER THE NEXT FEW WEEKS – REPORT ANY SCHOLARSHIP CHANGES TO THE GUIDANCE OFFICE ASAP - SO THAT THEY MAY BE ANNOUNCED AT COMMENCEMENT.


Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 – 7:00 p.m. / HS Auditorium

Baccalaureate is sponsored by the senior class officers with assistance from local ministers. Baccalaureate is a non-denominational, inter-faith celebration open to all students and guests, and is an opportunity to bless our graduates as they proceed to the next stage of their lives. The ceremony features a keynote address from a selected Baccalaureate speaker, as well as the participation of community members and the religious directors who work with student groups. The service will feature music and conclude with a benediction over the graduating students. Students and guests should dress in nice clothing for this ceremony.  You are not required to attend. Please observe the same formal dress requirements as for Commencement. However, caps and gowns will not be worn during Baccalaureate.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 – 7:00 p.m. / HS Auditorium

Bowling Green High School Honors and Awards Program and Alpha Beta Gamma Ceremony. The BGHS Office will send a notice to students and an invitation to the parents by mail.

Friday, May 17, 2019 – Graduation

12:45 pm: Graduation practice BGHS Auditorium

6:00 pm:  Doors open to public (guests, family, etc.)

7:00 pm:  Roll call in the BGHS Auditorium.  Be on time and leave home early as traffic is always bad and parking is worse.  We encourage graduates to park in the BG Middle School lot to avoid the traffic after the ceremony.

7:15 pm:  Honor cords handed out for the Valedictorian; Salutatorian; top 10%; and NHS in the main BGHS Office.  Pictures will be taken immediately afterwards.

7:45 pm:  Processional line-up begins in the BGHS Auditorium.

8:00 pm:  Graduation ceremony begins.

9:30 pm: Approximate time for ceremony to conclude.

****Diplomas & Senior packet will be distributed in the auditorium immediately following graduation ceremony (please be sure to open Sr. packet, some may have scholarship information to be completed and/or money/cash).  Graduates who engage in degrading or undignified behavior during or immediately after the graduation ceremony will be assigned disciplinary consequences and will be awarded their diplomas only after consequences are satisfied.

Graduation Practice:

  1. Wear regular school clothing.  The school dress code still applies so please dress appropriately. Wear the shoes you plan to wear at graduation.  

  2. The length of the practice depends entirely upon the cooperation of each individual.  Be on time! Listen carefully! Follow instructions!

Graduation Ceremony Apparel:

It is not necessary to buy new clothing to wear under the robes.  Not permitted are shorts, jeans, T-shirts, flip-flops, extremely informal attire inappropriate for the occasion, or any decoration of, or deviation from the traditional cap and gown which would draw undue attention to the individual.

BOYS:  For uniform appearance and because of the way the gown fits, you are to wear a collared shirt, dress slacks, and a regular tie.  Because of the warmth of the gown, boys are advised not to wear a jacket and/or vest under the gown at Graduation. NO TENNIS SHOES or WORK BOOTS!

GIRLS:  Do not wear the white collars that are included with caps and gowns. You are asked to wear a dress or skirt/blouse outfit rather than slacks or a pant outfit.  Your dress or skirt should not be longer than the robe. It is recommended that you avoid high heels and wear comfortable dress shoes. NO TENNIS SHOES!

Graduation ceremony:

There are several reminders relative to Graduation.

  1. Girls should not bring their purses as there will not be a safe place to leave them.

  2. No gum and no hats during the ceremony, including processional and recessional.

  3. Please ask your family and friends to refrain from applause and cheers when you cross the stage during the ceremony.

  4. Graduation caps must be worn flat (parallel to the ground) with the tassel to the left.  At the appropriate time during the ceremony the entire class will be prompted to move their tassels to the right.

  5. If you plan to throw your cap following the ceremony, be certain that you have your name written inside if you want to get it back.  There is a good chance that you will not get your tassel back if you throw your hat with it still attached.

Special Notices:

The actual granting of a diploma at the program is dependent upon each person meeting all the requirements for graduation.  Persons who do not meet the requirements for graduation WILL NOT participate in the graduation ceremony.  All fines, fees, lunch accounts, payments for lost books, lost athletic equipment, padlocks not returned, detentions served, etc. must be taken care of before a diploma will be granted.  Please satisfy your obligations ASAP.

Tickets:  No tickets are necessary for attendance at the graduation commencement or baccalaureate programs.

Tassels:  Each cap & gown comes with a tassel.  This is yours to keep. Hang on to your tassel; do not leave it in your locker.  If you lose it, it will cost an additional $8.00 and there are a limited number available.


The diploma will be presented to each graduate by the President of the Board of Education.  Parents and guardians, please stand as your graduate receives his/her diploma. At this time, pictures may be taken.  There will be a space designated for pictures next to the stage. Please feel free to use this area when your graduate receives his/her diploma.  As soon as your graduate has left the stage, please return to your seat so the next graduate’s parents have the same opportunity. Please do not block the aisles or impede the graduates as you take pictures.


Please hold your applause until each graduate has been recognized.  This will dignify each group of graduates and expedite the presentation of diplomas.

Graduation Ceremony & Senior DVD’s:

A Graduation Ceremony DVD and are available for purchase.  The cost for these DVD’s will be $14 per DVD. A Senior Powerpoint presentation will also be available on CD for the cost of $14.  Order forms are attached. Orders must be placed in the main BGHS Office by Friday, May 10th.  Payment must be made in full at the time of the order.  Please allow two to three weeks for the DVD’s & CD’s to be produced.